Revamp your business model and up it with a wide range of solutions designed specifically suiting individual client needs. We excel at providing solutions to bridge any gaps, overcome obstacles, and boost performance of the businesses in most important of functional areas. In order to achieve this benchmark we primarily conduct an analysis of the business processes and then suggest our clients with Solutions they should install into their system in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients include SME’s and Larger Business Categories such as Departmental Stores & Corporate Clients.

Accounting Solutions

We make Daily Book keeping easy with quick & interactive UI for recording of transactions. This comprehensive accounting software can provide real time accounting figures for Financial Standing of the business. These software’s are easier to use than a Quick-book and more reliable than any of the SAP based systems.

Point of Sale Applications

We understand the need for high accuracy along with very efficient and effective Point of Sale software for huge departmental stores that have a huge traffic of customers daily. Our designed software applications enable quicker processing with desirable results.

Queue Managements Systems

Clients that have a huge inflow of customers and desire efficient management of Queuing processes and to have waiting time reduced along with staff productivity increase have nothing to fear because our teams develop customized solutions after for such business and help improve business processes.

Inventory Management Systems

With jargons such as “JIT” and “Optimum Inventory Level” taking over the business world, we understand the impact of such concepts on businesses holding huge stock levels. We provide solutions that digitalize your Inventory Management System and enables your business to develop better insight and drop costs along with accurate forecasting.

Sales Management Solutions

It is our belief that “Sales management” is a core business discipline/ function focused on implications and practical application of sales techniques. Management of a firm's sales operations is thus very vital. Our customized management systems best suiting each client needs will provide a data treasure that shall enable business to relate current standing to market dynamics and customer demographics.

Assets Management

Have the hassle of undergoing physical count of assets owned by the business every year? Esajee solutions understands the cost and time lapse associated with hassle hence provides you with an automated system of managing your owned business assets (Major/Minor).

Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions include integration software’s/ applications bringing your business operations at the palm of your hand. Personalized Customization also includes solutions best suiting your desired outcomes/ purpose.
All Solutions are customized to best suit system integration requirements because we care about the wellbeing of your business and work to see you prosper. Our core purpose is to create “Long-lasting” professional relationships that benefit our clients in the best of ways.