Business Process Outsourcing

business-process-outsourcing2With a tough economy putting pressures on margins and technology empowered customers demanding best in class service, companies are struggling to maintain profitability. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a strategic step for companies looking to improve service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes, improve process efficiencies, and gain access to best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills.

Esajee Solutions provides BPO services in the following areas:

Data Entry and Processing

Esajee Data Entry Services is a full-service data entry department at the Esajee Solutions, serving an international market. Established in 2008, Esajee Solutions utilizes advanced technologies to convert large quantities of data and images to electronic data usable as products inventories, publishable ads on storefronts such as eBay, Amazon and eCommerce websites.

Utilizing a global workforce located in the US and Pakistan, Esajee Solutions has the capacity to process large and complex product inventories. Esajee Solutions provide services to small businesses and large corporate enterprises, wanting to outsource a portion or all of their data entry requirements.

At Esajee Solutions, we give top priority to secure the confidentiality of our client’s data and all of our data entry operators, including those in the US and Pakistan, connect using secure network and password-protected data entry system to perform their work. Images, data, and documents never leave Esajee Solutions facility, and all processing is performed on Esajee Solutions’ systems. Nothing ever leaves our facility.

Customer Services

The Esajee Customer Services department provides its services as a representative of the client, dealing directly with the client’s consumers over complaints, concerns or questions about a good or service. Esajee Solutions Customer Services endeavor to:

  • Provide the first point of customer contact for inquiries such as pricing, product information, shipments, distributor search information and orders
  • Ensure delivery of excellent customer service through timely and accurate processing of orders, communication and coordination with other departments to resolve inquiries and issues
  • Build and maintain customer loyalty by providing prompt friendly service
  • Support the sales team in a variety of administrative tasks as required
  • Provide and assist with technical information about tools and materials
  • Ensure to live by a strict ethic of confidentiality with the client.

Whether you have a one-time project or an ongoing campaign, contact Esajee Solutions to customize a service approach to meet your needs for quality, turnaround, and reasonable fee.



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