Human Resource Management System

Our HRM solution covers everything from bolstering the efficiency of personnel, payroll and employee management to strategic human resources management.

prod-ico-hrsWhat It Is

Automating the many processes surrounding human resource management and human capital management enables you and your staff to become more efficient and effective and focus on your organization’s core competencies. Whether your needs are to reduce the manual workload, empower your managers and employees through self service options, or if you need help with policy and regulations compliance, Esajee Solution’s Human Resource Management System can help.

Who Is It For

Designed and fully customizable for large or small companies that require full automation of the essential HR processes with absolute compatibility and scalability, customized solution deployment, and an exemplary post-deployment support.

Features & Benefits

We provide a total solution to meet customer needs, from detailed requirement definitions, parameter configuration and verification to linkage with third-party systems and solution deployment. The various features of our solution include:

  • Leave management
  • Personal information management
  • Time and attendance management
  • Employee performance tracking
  • Recruitment management
  • Employee training management
  • Employee benefits management
  • Employee evaluation management
  • Reporting module
  • Administration module.

Why Esajee Solutions

  • An established company with a proven track record
  • Complete yet configurable solutions, built to grow with you
  • Rapid, stress-free deployment
  • User Friendly and secure solutions
  • Innovative yet no surprises!
  • Global partnerships
  • International Solutions.



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