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Esajee Solutions has strong product development and business experience serving clients in various industries. Esajee Solutions boasts hard-earned understanding of issues in the entire product lifecycle, differentiating us from other software development vendors who only see a slice of it.

Esajee Solutions operates as a start-up when it comes to web development. This means that we work in small teams and everyone does what they enjoy the most.

We utilize multiple technologies in order to achieve the best results. Our favorite technologies include:

Server side: Linux, Windows Server, ASP .NET with C#, Oracle, Apache, MySQL, MS SQL, PHP, Node.js.

Client side: HTML5 Development, CSS, JavaScript Development, AngularJS, Knockout, AJAX Development.

We specialize in custom WordPress development, custom web development, and data architecture. In addition, we love building custom web solutions using frameworks like Zend and Yii, and a mix of technologies to enrich Internet applications: web portals, e-commerce websites, custom content management systems, various web plugins with Paypal or integration, web services integration such as eBay, Amazon, and other custom programming.

Esajee Solutions ensures that the web development process is mapped out and approved by the team, and estimated delivery times are fair.

Esajee Solutions develops scalable, efficient, and sophisticated applications for the web and desktop alike. We offer advanced features and utilize a mix of technologies to achieve our goals. We ensure the quickest turnaround time for all projects.

Let us hear from you to help you unlock your potentials with state-of-the-art technology solutions.



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