Point of Sale

Drive profit now and for years to come with innovative POS solution from Esajee Solutions. Reliable and easy to integrate, Esajee POS solution brings a decadal record of industry success to your business.


What It Is

Delivering a superior customer experience at the point of sale is crucial for turning today’s shopper into tomorrow’s loyal customer. With power and flexibility built in at every step of our POS software, the Esajee POS solution empowers retailers and their associates with the tools and information they need to help increase efficiencies and provide customers the exceptional service they deserve.

The Esajee Solution’s Point of Sale software delivers a comprehensive transaction set and customer focused functionality. Our POS software offers extensive item search capabilities and real-time access to inventory information throughout your retail chain, to help drive sales while satisfying the customer. Built in CRM functionality captures important customer information such as buying preference and purchase history, which enables future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for multi-channel retailing.

Who Is It For

Companies that want to maximize sales and increase profitability by streamlining core business processes such as the POS.


Features & Benefits

Proven technology and interactive features of our POS solution engage customers and increase your sales.

  • Real-time sales and inventory management
  • Multiple outlets management
  • Customer demand management
  • Records the sales transactions efficiently
  • Generates and prints professional itemized receipts
  • Works with touch screens and barcode scanners
  • Generates professional reports for your analysis of the sales, item-wise or salesperson-wise
  • Manages sales prices and handles processing of discounts efficiently
  • Multiple currencies and split payments supported.

The robust and flexible functionality provided by the Esajee POS solution will enable your company in the following ways:

  • Deliver an in-store experience that meets your brand promise and motivates shoppers to buy
  • Manage customer and cash handling at the point of sale
  • Boost customer satisfaction, sales, and margin performance
  • Streamline inventory control
  • Higher customer and basket spend
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Better stock coverage and improved service levels
  • Lower store labor costs
  • Increased operating income.

Why It Is Different

Every business is different. Our POS solution is adaptable to a variety of retail segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual retail requirements. With functionality specific to your unique needs and our intuitive user interface, you’ll have easy-to-use retail POS systems requiring less training time for employees, while ensuring a quick and accurate checkout process for your customers.

Why Esajee Solutions

  • An established company with a proven track record
  • Complete yet configurable solutions, built to grow with you
  • Rapid, stress-free deployment
  • User Friendly and secure solutions
  • Innovative yet no surprises!
  • Global partnerships
  • International Solutions.



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