Supply Chain Management

Deliver the perfect order, improve responsiveness, and control costs with our SCM solution.

prod-ico-scmWhat It Is

With the Esajee SCM solution, providing seamless co-ordination and integration of your product, information and finance flows, you’ll not only keep track of your supply chain as it stands, you’ll be able to forecast where it is going in the future.

Esajee SCM is a supply chain management solution whose architecture provides for extremely reliable and scalable transaction handling.

Esajee Solution’s web-based SCM solution takes a complete lifecycle approach to managing your resources and reducing risk across your supply chain. With Esajee SCM, you gain a comprehensive view into key supplier, inventory and procurement indicators. You will be able to better manage inventory levels and costs, and better meet fulfillment expectations, improving service delivery and customer relations.

The Esajee Advantage

Esajee & Co., the parent company of Esajee Solutions has been in the retail business for over a century, dealing internationally and operating retail businesses across the globe, requiring a dynamic supply chain management. Esajee & Co. employs the SCM solution from Esajee Solutions, which has been perfected using the in-house knowledge that we have gained by being in the SCM industry for decades. You get the same advantage without an extra penny of charge!

Who Is It For

Companies who regard dynamic supply chain management as a key competitive advantage.

Features & Benefits

The Esajee SCM software provides a broad range of integrated, open standards-based solutions that service key areas of complex supply chains and distribution networks, including:

  • Warehouse and inventory control
  • Demand planning
  • eCommerce integration
  • Supplier management
  • Return management
  • Order management
  • Logistics management
  • E-comProcurement
  • Planning and forecasting.

The robust and flexible functionality provided by the Esajee SCM will enable your company in the following ways:

  • Faster responsiveness to changes in supply and demand
  • Optimized inventory with greater forecast accuracy and market visibility
  • Increased perfect order fulfillment with integrated planning and logistics
  • Reduced operational expenses and transportation spend
  • Improved warehouse efficiency with automated processes and tighter controls.

Why It Is Different

Unlike many SCM software solutions, Esajee SCM is engineered to solve high volume, complex supply chain challenges, and offers a cost-effective, low-risk and rapid implementation that will automate and optimize every operation inside and across your warehouses and fulfillment processes.

Why Esajee Solutions

  • An established company with a proven track record
  • Complete yet configurable solutions, built to grow with you
  • Rapid, stress-free deployment
  • User Friendly and secure solutions
  • Innovative yet no surprises!
  • Global partnerships
  • International solutions.



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